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This my me and my bestfriends shit no copy cookie cutter superhero bullshit these characters are all mine i've put years of hard work into them and chapters too you can thank bestfriend for that half,i hope you all enjoy them as much as we do guys enjoy gallery and other stuff peace!



=Dhaha yeah my random fav'n different type's of shit i love it all.=)


Alright guys another GCEL rides,this time its lennie Baby ace's older half sister.Like Alie she too drives a van a crazy custom offroad 79 gmc vandra 4x4 van she customized over the years despite being arms dealer/war vet,to the right it is another custom ride which she used when she was with her boyfriend splode back in 08 during the time they pmc's working for Isacc splodes father.And well on the top is armed truck she stole which pretty much sits hot mojave desert out her property living off the grid. Well, guys hope you like enjoy peace! Shes tweaked it over the years when she was in service and after.And the vehicles to right are what use be private military armor truck tell she stole it back when she was working with James dad aka Splodes father at the time.Along with 70-80 fires arms for the start of her arms smuggling adventure then and now.

Her van also has tank armor for protection used parts from ambras tank and other various armor vehicles.She's know for stealth camping out in her van and has travel almost near ever state selling illegal fires its obvious to who,she calls her van matrix.But rocks "pussy riot" with heart from rage against the machine and Alice and chains sun as the backdrop holding a shotgun o get a kick out of crowd with her carefree attitude owning the streets.I guess you can say she sprayed painted it out during 2011 when all that shit went down. And top in the interior with custom steal boxes on both sides including blocking rear doors from inside carry tons of ammo and all sorts of fire arms for every gun enthusiast dreams. 

Well,hope you guys like enjoy peace!

Alright guys! hope you've all had good year this year.Summer not too far here well here Florida to us its bit different or at least to me haha. Well where begin...well still in process of moving out of Florida and headed up north luckily i don't have worry about the stress of my family finding new house due fact we have our other house tucked up in mountains but soon no longer a vacation house.I still worry about fixing our house here Florida nothing new me but a lot work and bit overwhelming not mention we only have half of things up their,or fact i haven't packed yet but its straight I'm miss it here but not too much.This be first time moving out of state luckily i know few areas in North Carolina pretty well after visiting so many times over last 7-8 years but yeah.

Anyways Graff Core Elemental is near complete after five to six years now yes its been that long,it's shocking but not really most writers/artists take years well who i'm kidding i'm sure most of you know this stuff. But yeah in about few months or so say August of this year is when i'm be writing again solo like with my stories Blaze and its spin off Above the wire,which fact i'm have really touch those up like i've done with GCEL but i'm have once again retouch my half of GCEL to make the grammar more up to date like how my writing is now.Is a pain in the ass? yeah it is.But worth it plus its fun go back on little eras and mistakes I've made through dialogues and monologues no said this shit be easy aye it is what is.On another note i still will be doing all crazy illustrations of all of our characters and anyone who's been fan of both GCEL and its prequel story Graff Core 1 aka The Soul Writers is going get kick out if when bring back the classic oc's of mine to where all began oh...and my partners oc's for his story Elemental which also the prequel to GCEL so yeah guys.Keep an eye out its going be awhile tell you see more and more. Right now all focused on is all work i got going on now and finishing the last bits of our story plus idk when i'll be working on any new illustrations but i'll try my best April just around corner and i'm still overwhelmed cause that's when i'm going be clean and moving shit out.

Well that about sums up everything that's been going on,tell then guys i'll see you around peace! 

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I'm graffwriter and also fictional writer i love to write as you can see i have huge obsession for samurai's and ninjas and shit load of other shit haha and everything else.
My stories and characters all me and original honestly fuck doing introduction here i'm chill dude that is all and my other account with my other work is way below at bottom yad..yad..yea peace!

Current Residence: ORLANDO,FL

Favourite style of art: graffiti,urban anime street art and abstract art all type's of style's of art


:iconteam-yautja: :iconanti-heroes-villains: :iconblackbookgraffiti: :iconpredator-fan-art:



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